Copyright Free / Risk Free Video Ads

Copyright Free / Risk Free Video Ads

Everyone has access to content these days. Because of the vast availability of media on the internet, almost everyone can download and use their choice of videos and music.

While this is acceptable for personal entertainment, business-wise, it puts careless content creators at risk.

As much as it’s nice to put the latest pop song in your ad, you will end up having a long list of violations in intellectual property laws.

Unless you have permission to use this pop song or any song for that matter, you shouldn’t take copyrights and ownership of media on the internet lightly. This isn’t limited to just music, but also photos, fonts, and especially videos.

In dropshipping, customers rely mainly on your online video content. The quality of which will make or break a sale.

A lousy video may not necessarily make you lose customers – but if a video gets taken down because some parts violated copyright laws, your sales will be affected.


Copyright-free content means content that is “free from copyright,” Therefore, using it will not violate any intellectual property laws.

An example of copyright-free works is those under the public domain.

These are tangible media published before a certain time-lapse into the public domain and then become copyright-free.

It’s essential to know that while some content may claim to be copyright-free, it may require attribution. This means you will need to credit the creator of the work you wish to use.

Additionally, copyright-free content may also only be limited to specific platforms. Not only does this hinder the advertisements for your product, but the chances of you reaching a more extensive market will be devastatingly low.

Conveniently, copyright is bestowed automatically onto whatever content is created. For example, when you make a video for the sole purpose of advertising your product, that video is automatically under your property. If another business owner uses that video without your permission, they violate your copyright.

How does copyright-free differ from royalty-free?

Royalty-free content means that no future payments need to be made after you purchase the right to use the media.

There are limitations and agreements to using royalty-free content. Creators would usually list down the type of media you can use the work on or would even set a time that allows you to use it.

What are risk-free video ads?

As a consumer, many video ads advertising various products can get annoying to be bombarded by. Because of the number of pop-ups seen on websites, most consumers would skip or activate ad-blockers to continue browsing in peace.

As a dropshipping business owner, you run the risk of having your video ad being left at the mercy of ad-blockers and the skip button. Not only that, if your video isn’t at the forefront of pages or lacks that high-quality sheen, customers will gloss over it as just another pesky advertisement.

Risk-free ads are those that utilize certain algorithms to target specific demographics that might be interested in your product. In other words, if a certain customer has been shown to have an interest in a topic that’s related to your product, a risk-free ad will run in the platform they’re browsing in – bypassing the ad-blocker and, hopefully, getting the customer’s attention.

By watching closely how consumers browse the web, risk-free ads hit the target market and put your product front and center. This guarantees quite several interactions and clicks, as well as a couple of successful sales.

Running video ads, risk-free, basically entails your product to be shown where it needs to be displayed – and not just randomly scattered all over the internet.

Why are video ads important?

Dropshipping businesses thrive in the same way cashless purchases do.

As a business owner, you will no longer need to stock your products in a warehouse, as they are shipped directly to your customers.

This convenience comes with a catch because if your product advertisement isn’t up to par, customers will think twice before purchasing.

The importance of a well-thought-out video ad is usually overlooked, but it’s essential in assuring customers that the quality of your product is good.

Remember, the only time they will be able to hold the product is after their purchase.

Often, video ads of dropshipping businesses show the product being handled and used. This is so customers can estimate the size, reliability, and quality of the product.

Do video ads cost a lot?

You may think that a good-looking video ad may entail a large budget. However, there are workarounds to making your product look sleek and presentable – if not fancy.

In the advent of internet content creation, tight-knit teams in studios have churned out some professional-looking product ads. With enough knowledge and creativity, anyone can create a solid video ad within a limited budget.

Are my video ads copyright-free?

When you allow your ads to run on specific websites for various consumers to see, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is copyright-free. If for some reason, someone manages to download your ad and use it without your permission, they automatically violate copyright laws.

Any type of copyright violation that your video ads get involved in will cost you time, money, and customers. It’s important to know the nitty gritty details of the permission granted on the media you use. Otherwise, you’ll have your ad taken down and you lose potential customers.

Let’s get deeper into copyright. What is Copyright?

What is Copyright?What is Copyright?

How do I make my video ad stand out?

There will always be something unique about your product, and the best way to stand out is to build up from that individual aspect. It’s also vital that you watch other ads selling similar products so that you can gauge the competition and see what has already been done.

Often, it can be quite infuriating to figure out ways to stand out from the sea of internet content – let alone find the customers that your product should be advertising to. But with a bit of risk-free help, some copyright-free media, and a lot of brainstorming, you’re bound to see some interactions and clicks on your video ad that will eventually lead to some sales.

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