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A/B testing is important when dropshipping, having the first opening scene (0-3sec difference) will help grab your audience’s attention, which is why we will give you 3 video ads that have 0-3second difference so you can begin testing!

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Step by Step Process


We find the most high-converting content to help generate sales for your store.


Once we’ve sourced the content our 7-year experienced dropshipping editing team will put together a viral video ad around your product.


We will then deliver your video ad to you within 2-3 days for you to review.


You will get unlimited revision, if you need text in a different language or anything we will fix it.


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Swim Shorts

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Pet Pillow Product

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Tutu Dress

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Heart Necklace


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About Our Team

We're a full-fledged video agency for dropshipping that operates on clockwork. Your creatives go through an extremely deliberate process from ideation to final delivery – ensuring no detail is missed among the hundreds of videos we produce a month.

We turn scroll stopping ideas into profitable video creatives at LIGHTNING SPEED.

Some people think we're crazy – but hey, that's just our typical day in the office!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select the quantity of videos – Click here

2. Fill out our simple questionnaire with all details on your product.

3. Finally, complete the order & once we’ve began working on your order you’ll be notified. We will complete your order within 1-3 days (or less if you ordered 12-24 hour delivery)


When we are in high demand, delivery can take up to 3 business days. We are closed on all major U.S. Holiday

It depends on which service you’re needing, out bestselling service is “Video Ad.”


One video ad include a free thumbnail & ad copy for $55.00. If you are looking to A/B test and need different scroll-stoppers, we charge $65.00.


We recommend you begin to see pricing – Click here


If you have custom order that isn’t on the website, just email us at and we’ll do our best to arrange something to you!

The delivery time may vary depending on what service you select!

We offer 12-24 hour delivery for video ads service if you’re a VIP member.


12-24 hour videos do not lose quality, we do our very best to deliver on-time with the best quality.

Yes! We do everything for you from adding text, finding content, outro, royal free music effect. You basically do nothing; you do not have to do anything!

Our video editors use clips from YouTube, premium stock video, and clips that our clients send us to create the videos. We always create a new video for each client and never share content our clients send us or recycle ads we make!

Yes! We have a service called ship your product, get custom e-commerce video footage now.

We give unlimited revisions within 7-days of your delivery.

Yes, if you’re a VIP member you get 20% OFF all our services.

Yes! We normally make the video in English first then show you the video so you can send us the translations. Just easier that way and so the words match the content.

If you ask for a refund within 30 minutes of ordering, we will be happy to issue you a refund. The reason the refund window is so small is because our team begins editing right always to deliver videos 1-3 days. 


Once an order is created, there are no refunds. All order created and delivered to clients of are nonrefundable because there is no way for us to recoup our costs once we have begun creating.


Despite our strict policy, we do offer unlimited revisions as long as the order is open and not completed, after the order is completed revisions will have a fee unless agreed upon by our team in special circumstances.


We always want to make sure our clients are happy with the end result.