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Humans have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish roughly only about eight seconds compared to nine of our finned friends.

But in video marketing, your video ad got three crucial seconds to capture your audience’s attention. And if your video is hypnotizing enough, you’ll lock them in the first 10 seconds.

So from the get go, your video ad needs to be compelling and it starts with an equally compelling thumbnail.

Easier said than achieved? We say not! All you need is a scroll-stopping and attention-grabbing thumbnail. A professionally looking not a randomly selected one.

Think of it as a book cover, a still image that serves as your video’s preview. It’s what your audience first see – and it is what leaves an impression about your brand and its story.

We must say, you never really get another chance to hook your audience’s attention. Do it right the first time. No second try.

Do it with a quality video thumbnails that can make the huge difference between 1000 and 10 views.

Viewers judge your video by your cover (thumbnail). It makes your video looks more exciting and worth-watching and gives its a professional look.

In short, a good thumbnail will make people want to click through and watch your video!

After all, it’s what they first look at before even watching your video content.

Entice your potential viewers and get them to see more with a well-thought out video thumbnail by Dropshipmedia.

With our customized thumbnail service, your video ad thumbnail will have all the essential elements that stand out and win in the battlefield.

  • Conveys the subject of your video ad
  • Includes your brand’s logo
  • Optimized for any devices
  • Easy to read and large title
  • Clear and bold text
  • Colors that draw attention, not limited to black or grey
  • Closeups of your product (if preferred)
  • Consistent color themes and schemes to your brand’s voice and your industry

So, if you’re looking for scroll-stopping video ad thumbnail, use our service and get more views, more shares, more likes, and more sales!

Our team has made tons of captivating and engaging thumbnails and images for different products.

We’ve served over a hundred of dropshipping businesses in the US and other parts of the globe and have helped create an effective video ad with a captivating thumbnail.

What’s included in your dropshipping video ad thumbnail?

  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Promotion of your product/offer of the month, if desired
  • High-quality, attention-grabbing thumbnails
  • Thumbnail for YouTube, Snapchat, or another platform? Certainly!


  • Fastest turnaround time in the industry
  • Specialized ad agency for ecommerce dropshipping businesses
  • Professionally conceptualized and created video thumbnails
  • Most competitive and affordable prices
  • We’re the only ad creation agency that shows the results of REAL CUSTOMERS, not YouTube Gurus.

Give your video a professional look with a scroll-stopping thumbnail. Let us help you create a custom thumbnail that sells your dropshipping video ad and compels people to watch it.