Ship Your Product

Basic package

Basic $475.00

  • One Video
  • 2-4 Scenes
  • In-Studio Only
  • 0:30 video duration.
  • 15-day delivery
  • Script Preparation
  • Unlimited Editing Revisions
  • 1 Actor
  • - 1 Thumbnail
  • - 3 Lifestyle Images
  • - 2 Story Ad
  • - Copyrights + RAWs + Props
  • - Voiceover
  • - 1 UGC

Recommended $849.00

  • Three A/B Videos
  • 4-6 Scenes
  • In-Studio & Off-studio
  • 0:30-0:60 video duration
  • 15-day delivery
  • Script Preparation
  • Unlimited Editing Revisions
  • 2 Actor
  • 1 Thumbnail
  • 3 Lifestyle Images
  • - 2 Story Ad
  • - Copyrights + RAWs + Props
  • - Voiceover
  • - 1 UGC

Premium $1,200.00

  • Three A/B Videos
  • 6-8 Scenes
  • In-Studio Only & Off-studio
  • 0:30-0:60 video duration
  • 12-day delivery
  • Script Preparation
  • Unlimited Editing Revisions
  • 3 Actor
  • 2 Thumbnail
  • 5 Lifestyle Images
  • 2 Story Ad
  • Copyrights + RAWs + Props
  • Voiceover
  • 1 UGC

Into the digital world, dropshipping and ecommerce business owners recognize that what worked in the yesteryears – flyers, billboard ads, newspapers, and traditional marketing strategies do not work as effectively as they did to get the word out there as compared to video marketing – particularly for those who envision establishing an online empire!

And why not? Videos remain as the most effective digital content type EVER. Let alone the fact that people, on the average, watch 16 hours of videos weekly regardless of the platform they’re using.

What’s better news for dropshipping companies is that at least 80% of people are likelier to buy a product/service after watching a video ad or a brand’s video.

As it turns out, videos are the best way to your audience’s heart. No doubt. They get more engagement. They receive more reactions. They get more clicks. And they affect people better than text or image alone or combined.


  1. Packages: Choose from one of the three available packages that suits your needs and budget (Basic, Recommended, and Premium). Can’t decide? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give you an advice.
  2. Submission form: After checking out, you’ll receive a post-purchase form. Kindly fill out the submission form and send it to us.
  3. Ship your product: After accomplishing the submission form, you’ll receive our filming studio address where to ship your product.
  4. Finished video: Dropshipmedia will deliver your custom filmed video ad within 12 to 15 business days (*based on the selected package).


  • Custom video content with the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times
  • Highest quality filmed ads to get the word out about your dropshipping business
  • Specialized video ads creation company for dropshipping businesses (We understand your business like no other does.)
  • Helps turn your dropshipping store into a long-term and household name brand
  • Fresh and unique ads according to your brand’s theme, messaging style, voice, and audience’s preference


  • Real results! No YouTube gurus, just REAL CLIENTS like you!
  • Fastest delivery time within 12 to 15 business days from when we’ve received your product.
  • Most competitively-priced video ads creation service, helping small to medium businesses create their quality custom filmed ad
  • UNLIMITED editing revisions within 15 days from when we’ve submitted your video ad
  • More than 27,000+ video ads created and counting by at least 30 experienced filmers, editors, and scrip writers!


  1. Product checking/evaluation: Our team thoroughly inspects and evaluates every angle and functionality of your product – getting to know as much about it for the best video ad possible.
  2. Script preparation and writing: Our seasoned script writers ensure all your product’s details, features, and benefits are included in the text. We send the draft for your approval before finalizing the script and filming the ad.
  3. Talent/actors: Our production director looks for the right talent that fits your product for the JUSTICE that it deserves.
  4. In-studio/offset filming: Our team creates a custom filming within the confines of our large studio with the different house’s scenes needed – living room, bedroom, bathroom, fitness area, office, and kitchen. We can even include a scene in a park, pool, or any outdoor space if the video ad calls for it.
  5. Editing: We have content editors who can create the most creative, compelling and unique product ad in cooperation with our seasoned script writers and filmers, working as a team for a converting video ad for your product.
  6. Unlimited editing revisions! Dropshipmedia offers you with unlimited revisions within 15 days from when you received your custom filmed ad – no fuss, no questions asked!

Video marketing gets right through the heart of your customers, and it isn’t a new concept to Dropshipmedia. Through the years, our team has helped ecommerce businesses with custom video ads that involve the audience, stay consistent with the brand’s voice, and remain highly relatable to target customers.