How to Make an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

How to Make an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

According to Cisco, videos will constitute a staggering 82% of internet traffic.  So, if you’ve not yet considered adding best dropshipping video ads into the marketing mix, think again.

Your competitors are using videos because it’s ruling the internet. Undoubtedly, they are more appealing than texts and can leave a more lasting impact in your audience’s minds. They also improve both recall and retention rate, much better than static images.

Not to mention, YouTube is also the second most popular website in the world, next to Google. It has 8.5 billion monthly global visitors with 988,820 total websites linking into it.  It’s clear why most brands leverage the power of video marketing.

But to make videos work, you need to make an eye-catching thumbnail, the very first thing that people notice aside from the title. It draws viewers’ attention to watching the video.

What’s A Youtube Video Thumbnail?

Okay, first things first.

The thumbnail is a small picture that shows next to the video, like a video on dropshipping and what users see as they’re browsing YouTube or another video-sharing platform.

Make a lasting first impression! [You only have a few seconds to make the viewer click on or ignore your video.]

A compelling thumbnail gives a clue on your video’s content and helps you gain initial traction. When done right, a thumbnail for your videos dropshipping can develop and boost your brand.

For example, you can add a signature in this thumbnail so that viewers can have an idea that it’s yours because they can associate your brand with it.

Other branding elements to stand out in videos for dropshipping, for instance, also include earthy palettes, bold typography, and consistent styling.

An eye-catching thumbnail generates more clicks for your dropship video.

The very goal of a thumbnail is to get people to click on and watch your video! To do this, here are a few tips –

  1. Use thumbnail templates.
  2. Use whitespace.
  3. Appeal to the audience’s senses.
  4. The thumbnail must portray the content.


If you would like to create a compelling thumbnail for your video, here are the simple steps from an expert ecommerce video ad service.

Title text

This explains the purpose of your video and gives users an idea about its content.  For example, if you’re using making a series, you might also line up text headings in numbers, like how they do it in your favorite Netflix series (Season number, Episode).

But don’t pressure yourself too much on this, though, because you only need to pick up the video’s core idea.

Finally, you can choose a suitable title that will deliver context that will attract viewers and leave a good impression on them.

Font style

To improve recall, use the same thumbnail signature, and this includes using the same font style across your videos. This will help viewers associate your brand better with their consistent styling.  You might also want to go for a strong design like a bold style to your title for better results.

Contrast and background

Think about color contrast when creating a thumbnail for YouTube or ecommerce video ads.  For an eye-catching thumbnail, choose complementary colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

They look great because they can exhibit their characteristics, making for an eye-catching thumbnail presentation.


Decide on the type of background, like one with a solid color or a gradient effect.  According to the pros, it would also be ideal to choose a bright background than a white one.

Alternatively, you might want to go for one that has an interesting texture or a photo if you prefer it.

Remember to create a 1280 x 720 file and then select the background layer’s color before adding any desired effects or filters to go with it.  You can also adjust the file if you’re using a photo.

Following these tips, you can make a more compelling thumbnail when you make dropshipping video ads. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you will have to cover many backgrounds.

Relevant image

In creating YouTube video ads dropshipping, you must also consider the photo that comes with it because that is one of the best ways to attract a user’s attention. This relevant image will serve as your video’s demo and is what the viewer will first be able to relate to before viewing the video or not.

You can also consider using a branded thumbnail template, which again promotes recall.

This branded thumbnail will also be the one to show on the results page, so you might as well want to make it consistent and matching to your branding strategies.

To display the perfect image, you should try combining the good graphics, colors, and font.

Face image

When creating a thumbnail, make it more human and connecting, and one of the most suitable ways to display that is using a face image in your video thumbnail.

This image will be on the display screen and make eye contact with your visitor, instantly inviting the user to click on and find out what is in the video.   The eyes can show emotions, including love and compassion, and that can easily connect to the heart and soul of the visitor.

Thumbnail maker

If you want to explore your creative side and experiment with different thumbnails to find the most suitable one, you can use thumbnail makers for quality images and fonts.

How To Make An Eye Catching Thumbnail With PhotoshopHow To Make An Eye Catching Thumbnail With Photoshop

Use a dropshipping video maker

Whether you’re looking at creating YouTube videos or video ads for dropshipping, you should be consistent in styling them so that your audience will easily understand your concept and relate to your brand better.  Be consistent in every element, including the font size and style, layouts, and color scheme.

It takes more than just great video content to stand out in the crowd. You need a hooking, engaging, and compelling video thumbnail for increased clicks and views in your videos.

Now, suppose you’re looking to create professional-looking thumbnails for dropshipping videos. In that case, you might also want to hire the services of seasoned video makers who can take care of everything, including an eye-catching thumbnail for you!

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