7 (COSTLY) Mistakes Made While Running Facebook Ads

7 (COSTLY) Mistakes Made While Running Facebook Ads

If you’re not yet utilizing Facebook for the best dropshipping video ads and other marketing content, you might want to adjust your strategies now. Did you know that 86% of US marketers use Facebook ads to market an ecommerce business?

There is no doubt about this. Facebook advertising allows marketers and business owners to engage customers, generate leads, increase website traffic, and improve the business’ overall bottom line – and that’s in a cost-effective, real-time, and efficient manner.

But before you get started with ecommerce video ads or texts for Facebook advertising, let’s cover the bases and discuss the most common mistakes while running Facebook ads so that you can do things differently.

Using A Scattered Approach In Customer Targeting

Even the most amazing dropshipping video ads won’t do well if they drown in an ocean of ad content.

More than 50 million Facebook business pages are on the platform and use Facebook ads to reach many audiences. This figure shows a too high competition level and a challenge in getting the video on dropshipping content to your customers.

That’s why you need to target the right audience! Commission a dropshipping video ads service that will help you create engaging video content with an excellent selling proposition.

Once done, you can optimize your Facebook ad to target the right audience.

On the social media’s advertising platform, you can use the integrated features to set your target customers’ right demographics, including their interest, location, age, and gender.

You can also set an engagement for your ads so that people who recently followed, commented, or liked your page will see them. And finally, set a realistic number of interested people and are more likely to convert.

By targeting the right audience, you can lower your advertising budget while increasing success rates.

Not Having Clear Objectives

Like in creating dropshipping videos, the first step to take is to create a strategy with a measurable objective so that you can come up with the right plan based on your goals. What do you want to achieve with the Facebook ad?

  • Increase website traffic?
  • Do a one-off promotion for an immediate product sale?
  • Send leads to a landing page?
  • Launch a campaign?
  • Improve recruitment?
  • Generate leads?
  • Increase community engagement?
  • Build a relationship?
  • Introduce a new product/service?
  • Promote brand awareness?

Having a clear set of objectives allows you to measure and figure out if you’re getting the desired results? And this said, you also can adjust your campaign parameters and change your outcomes instead of wasting your advertising budget. But in creating objectives, make sure they match your current needs.

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Choosing The Wrong Ad Type

Some marketers fail at Facebook advertising because they’re unclear of their audience. To prevent this from happening to you, determine your audience to select the right ad type, which includes –

  • Videos (e.g., videos dropshipping)
  • Carousel
  • Photos
  • Slideshows
  • Using canvas
  • Lead ads for mobile
  • Collections
  • Link ads in the form of a call-to-action like – shop now, learn more, download now, or sign up. It can also contain a link to your website.

For ad placement, you can select the right-hand sidebar, mobile, or desktop based on your objectives on displaying your ads.  So, based on your objective and ad placement, you can select from one of the Facebook ads types.

Running Too Many Campaigns With A Minimal Budget

You might have probably seen a lot of similar businesses running multiple ads with a small budget.

This scattergun approach in marketing is one of the easiest ways to put your advertising money straight down the drain.

This tactic will lead to a lot of confusion, not to mention the difficulty in tracking results!  

Instead of this, determine a realistic budget to help Facebook run your ads effectively.  Spending a realistic budget on the campaign, you can increase conversions and ROI, too.

Not Monitoring The Ads

Another common marketing mistake while running Facebook Ads is not checking the progress or monitoring their ads’ results. To prevent this from happening, you must check the performance of your ads regularly.

For one, ensure that your audience isn’t seeing the same ad daily.    Second, you need to continually monitor your ads to ensure that they’re giving you the desired results.

Specific things to monitor include clickthrough rate, ad frequency, ad performance by placement and type, number of generated leads, and clicks by interest.

Checking on these regularly, you’ll have an idea if you should change your ad options and try other content, like adding video dropshipping instead of only using text.

Creating The Ads But Lacking Understanding Of The Ad Settings

Many business owners fail at advertising due to poor settings selection in the Facebook Ads manager.

Incorrect optimization, targeting, or ad placement can waste the advertising budget. That is why you need to understand ad placement like automatic ad placements if you want your videos for dropshipping, for instance, across audience network websites or on Instagram.

You can also optimize the ad for lead generation through a Facebook form and then have a conversion to the website itself.   Understand how the ad settings will work for you to stop wasting money on Facebook ads.

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook Ads in 2021The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook Ads in 2021

Having An Unclear Value Proposition

Your value proposition plays a considerable role in convincing customers – and why they should let you into their lives and do business with you.  What’s in it for them to select you over competitors?   Make your value proposition clear from the very beginning!  A couple of suggestions that you might want to apply.

  • Communicate the results or benefits people could get from your product/service (e.g., instant ride booking, no cab-hailing).
  • Write no hyped language.
  • Highlight what differentiates you from a similar service, etc.
  • Make it easy to understand.

To ensure a higher return on investment, do an A/B split testing to see which ad content and type works best to convey your message.

Final Thoughts

By avoiding these mistakes, you can transform your business with Facebook advertising, one of the most effective ways of reaching customers, promoting brand awareness, and achieving your marketing goals. 

But with the stiff competition out there, be ready to face challenges and meet obstacles along the way. It is why you need knowledge, come up with stellar content like ecommerce video ads, and plan and then execute a sound social media marketing strategy, which you must be ready to adjust if needed. Good luck with your Facebook ads campaign. Enjoy the journey.

If you got questions, ask away!  We’re all ears and ready to help. Finally, share this post on social media today!

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